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What is the Fingerstyle Summit?

The #1 online summit for fingerstyle guitarists. This summit aims to help guitarists get inspired and learn first-hand from some of the most influential fingerstyle masters of our time. We'll be covering topics like fingerstyle lessons, honing your live performance, the best guitars & gear, recording techniques and music production.

What Will You Be Promoting?

For free, participants get 24-hour access to video interviews with our fingerstyle masters, where they can learn insider tips and tricks from the very best. With a paid summit pass, participants get lifetime access to the video interviews, plus exclusive lessons and bonus content from our experts.

If you only promote the free summit signup, that's fine by us! If someone you sign up buys the full summit pass later on, you'll get credit for that sale, too. See the FAQ section for more details about this.

The Summit Pass

Fingerstyle Summit Access Pass

ACCESS PASS - 67€ ($74)

  • Lifetime access to all video interviews
  • Lifetime access to fingerstyle expert lessons
  • Summit Workbook
  • Summit Summary Guide
  • Special Bonuses

Your Earning Potential

As an affiliate you earn 50% on the Access Pass net sales 

(gross sales - 3€ transaction costs - refunds = net sales).

Here is an example:
(47€ ticket price - 3€ transaction costs) x 50% = 37€ in paid out commissions

See our pricing and commission structure chart below:


Early Bird Price


Your Commission


Regular Price


Your Commission


How to Promote the Summit

Beyond being sincere and genuine with your followers about why the summit rocks your socks off, we have a few tried-and-true strategies to help people get extra stoked.

Email around three times before the summit begins.

Interviews are only available for 24 hours before they’re locked away in the vault, so point this out.

Share your affiliate link on your social media channels!

There are plenty of graphics to swipe from our website, so make use of them in your emails and posts!

We've found that emails still work better than social media channels, so lean on them the most.

If you happen to have a solid mailing list already, we highly recommend sending out emails promoting the summit to everyone on it. The more the merrier!

Affiliate Details & Rules

Commissions will be paid out 30 days after each sale is made. This allows us enough time to process any refunds before we finalize your earnings. Your cookie is good for life (last cookie wins), so you will continue to earn commissions long after the event is over. Your affiliate link, pictures, videos & swipe copy will be accessible in the affiliate area.

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