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Benefits For Partners

​What's in it for you? ​Plenty!


This summit will be one of the BIGGEST events ​in the world of fingerstyle guitar in 2019. Some of the best fingerstyle guitarists of our time are sharing their success stories, tips and lessons​, providing personal 1:1 interviews for an audience around the globe.


Your logo, products and links will be prominently promoted throughout the summit. For a partner, this means instant gratification in the form of increased web traffic, brand awareness, building trust with new customers and an overall boost in your reputation.


Fingerstyle is a niche market, and we're plugged into it. We're expecting thousands of visitors that are very interested in the latest acoustic guitar products and trends, as well as hundreds of ticket sales and thousands of ​video views from acoustic guitar enthusiasts.


All of our speakers are financially incentivized ​to help the event succeed, and will help us to promote the summit to their own follower bases​—which ​happen to be a perfect match for your ​products and services. ​We're all about cross-promotion, and we all stand to benefit from it.


You won't just have a logo in the corner—we're offering serious visibility. We will promote you not only on the summit homepage and member area, but also send out shoutouts in email campaigns with ​serious reach, as well as during the video ​sessions that make up the core of our summit content.


We are using do-follow backlinks to your channels, so ​you'll benefit directly from a surge in traffic ​thanks to prominent exposure on our website, newsletter & social channels.



Take a look through our list of confirmed fingerstyle masters speaking at our summit.
These outstanding guitarists will be sharing their knowledge, wisdom and top techniques with a global audience.
The line up is subject to change.

Jon Gomm - Fingerstyle Guitar Summit (pic by Tom Martin)

Jon Gomm

Fingerstyle Guitar Summit - Andy McKee

Andy McKee

Luca Stricagnoli - Fingerstyle Guitar Summit

Luca Stricagnoli

Antoine Dufour - Fingerstyle Guitar Summit

Antoine Dufour

Alexandr Misko - Fingerstyle Guitar Summit

Alexandr Misko

Fingerstyle Guitar Summit - Preston Reed

Preston Reed

Adam Rafferty - Fingerstyle Guitar Summit

Adam Rafferty

Maneli Jamal - Fingerstyle Guitar Summit

Maneli Jamal

Thomas Leeb - Fingerstyle Guitar Summit

Thomas Leeb

Fingerstyle Summit - Mike Dawes

Mike Dawes

Fingerstyle Summit - Amber Russell

Amber Russell

Fingerstyle Guitar Summit - Adrian Bellue

Adrian Bellue

Fingerstyle Summit - Robin Sukroso

Robin Sukroso

Fingerstyle Summit - Sönke Meinen

Sönke Meinen

Fingerstyle Summit - Travis Bowman

Travis Bowman

Fingerstyle Summit - Petteri Sariola

Petteri Sariola

Trevor Gordon Hall - Fingerstyle Summit

Trevor Gordon Hall

Calum Graham - Fingerstyle Summit

Calum Graham

Fingerstyle Summit - Tobias Rauscher

Tobias Rauscher





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Mutual promotion: We mention your brand, and in return you promote the summit to your audience.



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  • Everything Premium Partners get PLUS:
  • Logo at the beginning & end of each video
  • Branded Summit Materials
  • Logo + Link in each of the five main summit emails
  • $500 discount for the "Special Promotion Bundles"

Package Details*

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Logo + Link on certain pages

Affiliate Option

Dedicated email promoting all partners

​“Featured by...” on interview pages

​Inclusion in Summit Opening Video

Logo at the beginning & end of each video

Branded summit materials 

Logo + Link in each of the five main summit emails

Discount for Special Promotion Bundles

Special Promotion Bundles

Get further dedicated promotion with 1) pre-roll videos and mid-roll banners and or 2) dedicated email promotion

Special Pre- & Mid-Roll Promotions

Prior to launching into the main video interview, the host, Tobias Rauscher, will talk about your brand, product or service exclusively for around 15 seconds.

In addition, a mid-roll banner will be inserted somewhere around the 40%–50% mark of the video interview and ​will be shown for 30 seconds. ​What's shown on the banner is up to you! The banner's dimensions are roughly 180x1000 pixels, and it will cover approximately 25% of the lower screen, so there's room to be creative.


On top of that, you can place a link below the video that will be shown prominently throughout the entire ​session.

Only 1 pre- and mid-roll promotion per video interview.

First come, first served.

895€ ($1,000) for GOLD Partner

1,120€ ($1,250) for PREMIUM Partner

1,345€ ($1,500) for BASIC Partner

TWO Dedicated PROMOTIon emails

Two dedicated emails just about your brand and products will be sent out to all summit attendees in the weeks after the summit is over. You can decide what to promote—for example, you might want to create a special offer just for summit participants, share a coupon code, or just introduce your products and services.

Dedicated promotion emails have the highest conversion rates. The first email will be sent out to ALL attendees. The second email will be sent around 3-5 days later to all attendees who did not open the first email to maximize effectiveness.

895€ ($1,000) for GOLD Partner

1,120€ ($1,250) for PREMIUM Partner

1,345€ ($1,500) for BASIC Partner


Further Benefits

The summit will be re-launched repeatedly even after the first official launch is over. This means ongoing, targeted promotion for your brand.

The host, Tobias Rauscher, will heavily promote the summit to his own community with over 340,000 YouTube subscribers.

The summit is currently being promoted ​already and growing every day, with ongoing Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns reaching fingerstyle fans around the world.

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